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Accent modification is training targeted at everyday speaking situations with the objective of reducing miscommunications. Most people will not experience a complete eradication of their native accent, but will enjoy markedly enhanced clarity of communication.  Under U.S. labor law, employers can make job decisions based on accent if it interferes with work.  It is my goal to systematically help you alter your speech patterns and consequently increase your chances of effective interactions.

A standard 12 week course including evaluation, transcription and analysis is $1600.   For clients who may need fewer sessions, an evaluation (plus transcription and analysis) can be completed for $400, with individualized weekly sessions at a $100 dollars per session for as long as needed.  A minimum of 6 sessions is usually recommended.  Compton materials are purchased separately and paid for in advance.  I do not keep an inventory of Compton materials and order them for you once they are paid for.


Compton materials focus on correcting individual speech sounds; and practicing at the word, sentence and conversational level.  Transcription analysis and professional judgment inform the order and number of speech sounds to be addressed.  The remainder of the course is client driven.  Training often includes prosody, voice projection, and delivery speed.  Grammar and idiomatic can be addressed.  All clients are encouraged to practice the language of their profession.  I like for you to bring in professional literature, presentations or word lists to help me target instruction.


The evaluation and materials must be paid for in advance.  The remainder of the course fee may be divided into equal payments.  Please discuss this in advance with me.


Because valuable time has been set aside for your session, 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment is required.  If you do not cancel 24 hours in advance you will be charged a no-show fee of $100.  I am committed to providing an excellent service.  I appreciate you committing the time and resources to making your appointments.  Together we can be a successful team.

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