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Catapult Speech offers a comprehensive 12 week individual instruction program which utilizes the Compton Pronouncing English as a Second Language Program (P-ESL) program. The P-ESL program is based on thirty years of ongoing research at the Institute of Language and Phonology.

The P-ESL program focuses on:
  • Pronunciation of difficult consonants and vowels
  • Stress and intonation patterns of words and sentences
  • The vernacular of your profession
  • Efficacy in your communication

Work hard. Communicate clearly. Invest in yourself.

Catapult Speech's accent modification service includes the following:
  • Pre-Workshop Assessment
    • Recording
    • Transcription
    • Pattern Analysis
  • Comprehensive Program
    • A fully customized curriculum based on your individual assessment results
    • 12 hours of private instruction based on the Compton Method, supplemented with material tailored to your needs
    • Before and after assessment results
    • Focused practice on your own list of problem words using MP3 recordings
    • A flexible schedule (based on a mutual agreement between you and your instructor)
    • Sessions held at Catapult Speech or at your office location
    • Follow up if needed, by phone, for three months after last class

pre-workshop assessment

The Pre-Workshop Assessment consists of the following:
  • We begin with a brief telephone screening interview to determine your level of mastery of English and your commitment to meeting the daily practice requirements.
  • An information session is held to demonstrate the materials and conduct a brief accent screening test. You will receive an information folder with a course outline, fee summary and articles about accents. This session typically lasts about one hour.
  • An individual evaluation is digitally recorded and analyzed. This is administered again as a post test. We provide written initial and final reports and before/after digital sound files.
  • The client purchases materials for the appropriate program.
  • We provide an individual or small group (three to five clients) customized tutorial.
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