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People often overlook how many opportunities they have to make an impact on others in their day-to-day interactions. The impact often comes down to how we communicate our message: not just the words but the delivery of those words.

Catapult Speech specializes in accent modification and reduction for non-native English speakers and English speakers with a regional dialect.

What can I expect from Catapult Speech's accent modification service?
  • Analysis: A thorough analysis of your speech and accent and a detailed explanation of how it varies from Standard American English
  • Program: A fully-customized curriculum, training sessions, and progress evaluations
  • Qualified Therapist: A certified and licensed speech pathologist to provide your accent modification instruction
  • Post-training Analysis: A quantified calculation of how much your accent has improved
In the course of the program you will learn:
  • Details of your individual speech pattern and how it varies from standard US English patterns
  • To avoid the most problematic pronunciation mistakes based on your assessment
  • To enhance enunciation, voice projection and intonation of your speech
  • Methods to continually improve your speech with additional self-study
  • To achieve speech that is overall clearer and easier to understand
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"My end of semester ratings improved because my students could understand me better."

Marsha V., math instructor

"I appreciated Susan tailoring my program so that I could practice using words that are common in my field. That alone made the program worthwhile to me."

Kannan T., x-ray technician

"Susan helped me prepare an oral presentation for a meeting in California. By the time we finished the program, my presentation was polished and I felt full of confidence!"

Kwan H., mechanical engineer with Sandia

"I have used Catapult to prepare witnesses who have heavy accents. I'm not sure what techniques they use, but it results in clear testimony."

Sam L., attorney
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